1982             Staples High School
1986-1990    Bemidji State University Fine Arts
1991-1998    Self-taught painting, egg tempera, oil, acrylic, water color.
1998-2009    Northern Minnesota Metalsmiths 3 day conferences, yearly. Demonstrations of metal techniques.

1998-2012    Guild of Metalsmiths 3 day conferences, yearly.  Demonstrations of metal techniques

1995-Present  Exploration in metal art. Millwright tutelage, Larry Jensen, as well as self-taught techniques in forge work, welding, sculpting, design, and


1995               Solo, MacRostie Art Gallery, Grand Rapids MN (Paintings)
2005,2007       Bemidji Art Center Members Show, Bemidji MN
2002-2009       Northern Minnesota Metalsmith's spring conference art gallery, Itasca Steam Threshing Grounds, Park Rapids MN
2005-2010       “Fall Has it All” Northern Lights Casino, Walker, MN
2007               “A Woman’s Perspective on Mind, Body, Spirit” Multimedia Art exhibition, Hjemkomst Center, Moorhead MN
2008               “Art in the Home” Bloomington Art Center, Bloomington MN
2009/10          “Something From Nothing” November 2009-March 2010 Canton Museum of Art, Canton Ohio
2010               American Craft Council Spring Show April 16-18. St. Paul MN
2010               Bemidji Art in the Park, Bemidji MN
2010-2011       2 day Art Leap, September, Park Rapids MN
2010-2011       3 day Art Crawl, Bemidji MN
2011               Woman’s Art Registry of Minnesota (WARM) "Temporality" exhibit; Grain Belt Bottling House Minneapolis MN March 4th- 31st
2011               Minnesota Sculpture Society Annual Jury show July 20-August 12, Johnsons Heritage Post Art Gallery, Grand Marais MN.
2009,'10, '14   Annual Juried Art Exhibition MacRostie Gallery, Grand Rapids Minnesota.
2014               Arts Off 84, Longville MN
2015              Society of Minnesota Sculptors Exhibition March 1- April 5, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum The Great Hall of the Oswald Visitor Center,
Chanhassen, MN
2015               'What's Left'.  A discussion about suicide, curated by John Bauer through Kickstart after his daughter's death to suicide.  Traveling exhibit
throughout Minnesota.

2018               42nd Annual Membes Juried Art Exhibition, Artistry Gallery, Bloomington Art Center, Bloomington MN

1995    Herald Review, Grand Rapids Minnesota May
2003    A.B.A.N.A.’s Anvil Ring, fall addition
2003    Pilot-Independent News Paper. 28 Nov. Walker MN
2006    A.B.A.N.A. Anvil Ring fall addition volume 35, number 1
2008    Lake Country Journal, August/September issue
2009    Tidewater Blacksmith Guild, May
2010    MPR State of the Arts, Minnesota artists at ACC Show. April 16
2010    Television Interview: Lakeland T.V. PBS “Common Ground” episode 102
2010    American Blacksmiths: In Their Own Words.  By Vince Nokovics. October 12.
2010    Artist Forges Her Raw Talent Bemidji Pioneer October 22
2011    KUMD 103.3 Duluth MN Radio Gallery interview March 16
2011    Pilot-Independent News Paper. Walker MN
2011    11040801In Focus Metal Sculptor Paula Jensen April 8 Lakeland T.V. PBS
2011    Television Interview: Lakeland T.V. PBS “Common Ground”
2012    FFJournal, ‘Work From Home’. April 5 Online Magazine
2012    Northwoods Woman July/August issue
2012    Cook County News Herald, Society of Minnesota Sculptors on display at JHP. July 28.   
2014    Pine Cone Press-Citizen News Paper, Longville MN Oct 28
2014    Brainerd Dispatch, Oct 24
2014    Piolot-Independendent News Paper, Oct 29
2015    Contemporary Wildlife Art by Cindy Ann Coldiron, Schiffer Publishing Lt 1 edition (April 28, 2015)

2010    Honorable Mention Bemidji Art in the Park, Bemidji Minnesota
2010    Honorable Mention, Annual Exhibition MacRostie Gallery, Grand Rapids MN
2011    People’s Choice award, Fall Has it All, Northern Lights Casino, Walker MN
2012    People’s Choice MN Sculpture Society Johnsons Heritage Post, Grand Marais MN
2014    Professional category 2014 US Capitol Christmas Tree Art Contest, Chippewa                                                  
National Forrest, MN
2015     3rd Place winner of the Society of Minnesota Sculptors Exhibition March 1- April 5,
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum The Great Hall of the Oswald Visitor Center,
Chanhassen, MN  

2018   Honorable Mention, Artistry 42nd Annual Members Juried Art Exhibition. Bloomington Art Center, Bloomington MN

2010-2011   Region 2 Arts, Bemidji Minnesota.  Mentored a high school child
2011           Selection committee judge for Region 2 Arts 2011 Mentorship Program.

Gallery Affiliation
1992-1995    Gallery North Bemidji MN. (President 1994)  
1994              Smokey Hills studio/gallery, Park Rapids MN. Summer.
2007-2009    Siverstson’s Gallery, Grand Marais, MN
2009-2010    Something Original Grand Rapids, MN
2010- Present:  Personal online etsy store.

Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America (A.B.A.N.A.)  
American Craft Council
Guild of Metalsmith's St. Paul Minnesota.  
Society of Minnesota Sculptors.
Women’s Art Registry of Minnesota.

Public Installations
2002           Forged handrail, exterior handicap handrail. Malvik Lutheran Church, Laporte MN                                      
2004            “The Rock”, painting. Northland Technical College, Thief River Falls MN
2005            Forged handrail. Aardahl Lutheran Church, Bemidji MN
2006            Tree Arbor, Northern Lights Casino, Walker MN
2008            Fire escape. Cabin Coffee House, Bemidji MN.
2010            Driveway Sign. Public Domain, private commission. Guthrie MN
2010-2012  Eagle Sculpture on loan. Northern Lights Casino, Walker MN
2012            People Bike racks, Sandford Event Center, Bemidji MN
2015            "Where is Your Wonder at What You Already Have?" painting.
               Itasca Community College, Grand Rapids MN
2017            "Tree of Knowlege" repousse/chased bronze. Margaret Welch Memorial Library, Longville MN

1990-1991         Luepkes Convenience Store Guthrie MN        
1994                   Temp Welder, Even Aire Solway Minnesota,
1994-1996         Bemidji school district food service Bemidji MN
1998                    Fleet. Bemidji MN
1998-2001         Welder, Wilkening Fireplace, Walker Minnesota.
2014-2015         Birchview Gardens, Hackensack MN
2015-Present     Walker Community Center Walker MN
2001- Present    Self Employed, Earth Eagle Forge LLC Longville MN

Additional Information:
Experience of any kind influence ones ability to be creative and to adapt.  I have been a wife and mother and now a grandmother.  This being said, how
does one accurately depict that in a resume?  Life has a great impact on ones work as an artist.  

Life long partner and husband: Larry Jensen

Who are you?  
I am an artist.  I heard someone say once, "Paula isn't an artist, she is a craftsman." Having someone make a statement like that
is eye opening and tends to lead to an evaluation of ones work....and life.  In the whole scheme of things, it's a good thing,
though a difficult one initially.....What I’ve come to realize over the years since hearing that statement is, that it doesn't matter
who people ‘think’ that I am...it only matters what I know myself to be, because, that knowing is what creates the artwork...
hopefully others can appreciate the work as well...
Larry and I collaborate on many of the commissioned works. Larry has over 30 years experience working with metal.  I have
over 15 years experience designing  and creating artistic metal for people who want unique metal sculpture in their lives.  
Some of which happens to be utilitarian.....Metal is my medium, art is what I create from it. Custom work is my livelihood...

How did you get started?
My art career began in the two dimensional, paintings, sketching and the like. My husband, Larry, who is a millwright, suggested
trying metal work. He proceeded to teach me and over 15 years later, the
work you see on this site is the result of his tutelage.   

What do you want to accomplish?

Our job as a custom artists is to help others acquire pieces they desire in their lives by designing and creating with them in mind.
We take this job seriously and feel honored and privileged when someone commissions us to create something unique for their
lives. Art is
a tool for the soul to communicate to the world... Beliefs, a sense of beauty, individual uniqueness....or even a sense of
adventure. The ultimate goal of any artist is to help others see the world in new and different ways.

Thank you for your interest in Earth Eagle Forge. I hope you enjoy viewing the images of our work.  If you have any questions or
would like to have your own metal art created, please, don't hesitate to contact us.  Larry and I would love to hear from you.

I welcome corporate and private commissions.
Favorite Quotes:

"Don't die with your music still inside you." ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

"The influence of a vital person vitalizes... The world without spirit is a wasteland. People
have the notion of saving the world by shifting things around, changing the rules, and
who's on top, and so forth. No, no! Any world is a valid world if it's alive. The thing to do is
to bring life to it, and the only way to do that is to find in your own case where the life is
and become alive yourself."
~Joseph Campbell

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're probably right." ~Henry Ford

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art"
~Leonardo DeVinci~
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