Artist Blacksmith
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Sowing seeds of love

I created the hand from forged steel. The helicopter seeds from steel and copper. I used a patina to oxidize the copper which gives it the green color.

Measures 11" high, 8" wide at the roots, 8" deep at the roots.  
sculpture, figurative, hand, helicoptor seed, home decor, accessories
suprise, figurative, sculpture, copper
"Masked Emotions"
This sculpture is created primarily using the repousse/chasing method...with forge work added in.  The sculpture
represents many of the emotions we all feel from time to time.  I wanted to highlight this human condition that we
all share, regardless of cultural differences.  This gives us something to relate to with one another...why hide it?
silly, toung, blah, figurative, sculpture, repousse
figurative, sculpture, metal, giveup, give up, welded, welding
Green with envy/anger
Welded Sculptures
A process of welding bits of steel together and then hand
carving detail using carbide bits.
"Pursuing Happiness...??"
The idea that someone 'looks' to have a better life than our own.  We
'think' we want what they have...but do we?  It might look as though the
character in the cage has it better...but...his only escape from his emerald
cage is his book....
raven, crow, zombies
steel sculpture, figurative
common raven
raven, crow
welded steel sculpture  27" x 11" x 12" tall
6" tall
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"The Flower"
Cold cast resin. Approximately  6" tall. Created for the traveling art exhibit, "What's Left" A discussion about suicide.
This seated character seems like a drooping, rain trodden man. But if you look closer, you can see the love and awe he
holds for the "flower". The flower represents a person who is missing. We rarely think about what our lives mean to those
closest to us
Collaborative sculpture
with Grant Goltz
"Collateral Damage"
Welded and carved steel and copper.
Entire sculpture is 6" tall.
Created for the traveling art exhibit, "What's Left" A discussion about suicide.
When we lose someone we love to suicide, it is the equivalent of having your heart
ripped from your chest and placed in your hand.  I created "Collateral Damage" to be
'in your face' and 'to the point'. Suicide leaves only heart ache behind.