How to order
Important you read through the entire  process on this page
The following is a general idea of the process for ordering commissioned
work.  It is our goal to provide our clients a professional service based on
honesty and integrity.

The first step is to call or e-mail us.    

(Due to the large volume of scam/phishing phone calls, we are now
screening our calls.  Please leave a message, we'll get back to you
promptly, thank you for understanding.)

During the initial contact, we discuss what your custom project will be.
Style, material, etc. For new architectural construction blue prints are
enough to start the process.

During the first meeting by looking at books, magazines, previous works,
sketches, or whatever inspires you we can arrive at a point where we can
start to create a design that reflects your personal style.
We will never copy
other companies/artist's designs.  We maintain uniqueness by not using
the same design twice
.  Once you have ordered a design it is your unique
we won't duplicate it for another client.  We take pride in designing
one of a kind artistic metal in order to keep our designs unique and

Completion of custom work is determined by the amount of orders ahead
of you.

We require a small design fee of $150.00. This covers the work of two
sketches and one final
. Change of policy: We will now refund the $150.00
design fee if an order has been placed. If no order, no refund. The refund
will be reflected on the final billing of your custom art.
Sketching designs is a process of working out 'how to create/build' your
piece of art. By 'building' it on paper first, this is a process of problem
solving as well as interpreting a design that will fill your needs.

Pricing of any new project is driven by the amount of time it takes to create
your art piece.
(Material + Time = Cost) ($500.00 minimum on all orders)

Based on the ideas and information from the first meeting we will provide
you with a drawing(s) and a quote.  Upon viewing the drawing(s) the client
can either accept the drawing or can make changes to it.  

The next step, once a design has been decided on, 1/2 of the total cost of
the order,needs to be sent to us.  This is a non-refundable deposit
required to purchase the materials needed to create your unique metal art..

Once the order has been placed, deposit received, and we have begun to
create your order, any changes to the order at this point will require
additional fees.

Due to the size and weight of our larger items we have found that we can
generally deliver and install them for a competitive charge.  However, we
can provide shipping costs based on clients choice of shipping method.  
We  require full payment of remaining balance prior  to delivery and/or
installation.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
If you get the answering machine, please leave a message, we work in a
VERY noisy environment, we will return your call.
Or email us at

We love what we do, and we think it reflects in our work.
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Earth Eagle Forge LLC
Paula and Larry Jensen
Longville MN       
Phone: (218) 363-6910
Due to large amounts of spam/phishing phone
calls, we now screen all incoming calls. Please
leave a messa
ge and we will get back to you
email: m
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