Repousse Chasing techniques that is applied to sheet metal
can give architectural and sculptural metal a whole new
dimension.  Scroll to see examples of past sheet metal work.
bald eagle, artist blacksmith
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Earth Eagle Forge LLC
Paula and Larry Jensen
Longville MN       
Phone: (218) 363-6910
copper name plate
Copy Rights Earth Eagle Forge
wrought iron candle holder
copper tile, repousse, chasing, backsplash
Copper tiles hand made to look like trees.
Copper tree tile.  Hand
hand hammered, hand
Artist Blacksmith
fireplace screen, fire place tools
Deer hand rail using a 'layering'
affect of repousse sheet metal
Faces for this sculpture.  
Started as copper sheet metal.
Leave on this candle holder to
make the  piece more realistic
Pitch is often used to hold your piece while working on it.  Pitch
gives it support when you are pushing the metal with tooling.
Steps to making a copper frog.  The frog is made of copper sheet metal. Detailing is repousse
into the sheets before joining the two halves.  Top/back portion, belly portion and then gas
welded together.  The legs were copper pipe that is typically used for plumbing.
It is also a great way to add more dimension to sculptures.
Working on the back of the copper frog
fireplace screen, repousse
Title: Masked
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Annealing metal