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welded sculpture, bald eagle, american eagle, steel sculpture
Migizi Manidoo (Ojibwe: Eagle Spirit)
· A little larger than life size.
· Fabricated (piece by piece) Non-cast welded and carved sculpture
· Material used: Mild steel
· Approximate weights: Eagle-- 250 pounds, Tree—125 pounds, Base—275 pounds.
(Square base is temporary until this eagle is sold. The tree can be mounted to a cement slab with boalders around it)
· Finish and patina: colors attained by heat from an acetylene torch. Brass highlights. Entire sculpture coated with polyurethane
·  Approximatly 1000 hours of labor. Each feather hand carved.

I created this sculpture using steel sheet metal.  I began by forming
sheet metal to form the beak and proceeded to move back onto the
head and then the body until the basic body shape of the eagle was
complete. Using a wire feed welder, welded ‘feather’ shapes onto
the body and then carving the details into each feather using a die
grinder and carbide bit. The body is a
hollow metal carving. The
next step was to cut out the individual wing and tail feathers to be
attached to the eagle. Each feather was hammered (domed) and
detailed using the die grinder and carbide bit method. The feet are
forged by heating and hammering over an anvil. The entire eagle
was sandblasted for cleaning and then ‘heat colored’ using oxygen
and acetylene torch. The eyes of this creature are made from
copper. The brass coloring on the beak and feet was applied by
heating the steel and brushing the metal with a brass brush. The
brass is transferred onto the steel giving it a nice patina. The base
of the tree is mounted to a temporary base for ease of moving.  I
left it this way so that when Migizii finds his home, the tree can be
placed onto a more permanent base of the buyer’s choice.  
Approximatly 1000 labor hours of welding and hand carving the

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Common raven, raven sculpture, welded sculpture
Common raven, steel sculpture, welded sculpture, raptor, raven
Steel Raven Welded sculpture
Preliminary sketch
Welded Sculptures
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welded sculpture, bronze, wild life, wildlife
Welded Bronze Great Grey Owl
Non-cast, created from bronze sheet metal
dad, eagle, vet, military
raven, sculpture, metal art, blacksmith, blacksmithing, steel art, carved sculpture
The 'raven', and crow are significant in many cultures....some believe to be ominous, others believe to be messengers of gods, carriers of
knowledge.... I don't really want to explain too much of the sculpture but leave it up to the viewer to decide what it means to them.... the title
is the only 'clue' that I give for my motivation in creating it. Created by welding steel parts together, building up areas with weld and then
carving detail into the steel. Mounted to a aspen stand.
Measures 27" x 11" x 12" tall.   
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Winner of the 2014 US Capitol
Christmas Tree Art Contest
(Professional Category)
Photo courtesy Dean Morrill,
Pilot Independant
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vixen, red fox, woodland fairy
Welded steel fox with welded bronze and copper woodland fairy
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